Monday, November 9, 2009

Office Space

My fantastic bloggy friend, Bev, shamed me into encouraged us showing off where we do our blogging.  I am actually getting ready for my first job interviews since I started jobhunting, but Bev is persuasive, and this is al lot more fun than practicing interview questions!
I posted pictures of my old cubicle before I left California, here.  But this is my own desk at home.

I love this desk, and have sacrificed part of my tiny livingroom in order to keep it.  I type better on a full-sized keyboard, and I am more comfortable, ergonomically, sitting at a desk than - say, on a laptop. 
This pencil holder is from at least the early 80s.  I think the sentiment it expresses still works.

I would hate to lose it, even though I've seen far nicer pen holders in office supply stores and have considered replacing it. 

So there ya go.  Perhaps I'll have a new office-y space soon!  I have two interviews this week, so at least the fish are nibbling!  That in itself makes me feel better than just sending resumes off into the ether and feeling isolated and alone.


  1. Beautiful! Seriously, when can I move in? Between the fireplace and this desk/office space, I'm in LOVE with your new digs!

    I must need (stronger) glasses because I can't read the pen holder, even when I enlarged it. Eeek.... But you're awesome, so I'm sure it's clever. I'll take your word for it.

    Thanks for sharing!! GOOD LUCK on your interviews!

  2. Nice desk!

    Good luck on your interviews!

  3. Hey, that photo gave me "home office envy".

  4. I love your space! Is there room for me and Bev? lol

  5. Wow. Now that is a nice office space. I hope Mala sees this.

  6. Nice Cary! I don't get it? There's so much more room to put more crap! Where's all the crap? Can I send some of mine over? PLEEEEASE...