Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm going to need naps...

I'm not a Martha Stewart-style mom.  I don't plan ahead lots of educational, creative, and labor intensive activities for my child.  I don't spend hours scouring catalogs and websites for handcrafted wooden retro toys or elaborate million-pieced kits we can assemble together.  I never bought one single Baby Einstein CD.

I read to my daughter.  I take her walking and hiking with me.  I take her on vacations with me.  We cook together.  I buy the good crayons, a variety of papers to work with, and her watercolor paints are the real deal.  Basically, I include her in the stuff I like to do.  When it comes to play - real Fischer-Price kind of play - I provide her the stuff and the space and then she's kind of on her own.
It bores me silly to sit on the floor and be "directed" by a young kid, told what to say, and what I'm supposed to do with the toys.  She has been in daycare and preschool and now kindergarten, all her life, surrounded and supported by the best, most enthusiastic and warm, caring, involved caregivers I could find.  Because I not only know what I'm not great at, I also know that I don't have to personally provide everything she needs, even if it is my responsibility to coordinate it.

Our school district is taking this coming week off.  We are going to be together 24/7 until the 30th.  I am already tired just thinking about it.  I really, really hope the weather is mild, because I am going to need to get out of the house a lot.  There are a few places I would like to explore.  I don't like crowds and I am adverse to being bombarded with Christmas music and over the top decorations, so shopping will be minimal, and there's nothing we really need.
I would love to haunt the museums and galleries, but with the whole district off, I'm sure these will be crowded. 

It will be great to shut off the alarm for a week.  Neither of us is good in the morning, and I won't miss peeling the mattress off her back.  But the Daily Show is also taking the week off, and I can't help but feel rather abandoned.  My needs are simple and few; is it so wrong to expect a little backup?


  1. Seems like this would have been a good week to plan a road trip to KC. Just sayin'.

    I couldn't agree with you more. Nothing annoys me like Sam saying, "wanna play *insert stupid game/word here*?" Always results in him telling me exactly what to do and say, and who to "be". No thank you.

    The Daily Show is off this week? I'm penning my letter to Jon Stewart right now. How dare he do that to you.

  2. I always entertained myself as a child, I don't remember having to recruit adults into my web of childhood insanity.

    That said, here's to your sanity over the coming week.

  3. This post makes me feel so much better! I am not the "sit on the floor and let my kid tell me where to move the GI Joes" kind of mom either, and I often feel guilty over that. I'd rather take him out and do stuff than pretend to like Legos.

    I know what you mean, too. I don't know what the heck we're going to do for 5 days off... but I'll enjoy thinking of something! :)

    Hope you do, too. Btw, you and M are cordially invited to join us for T-giving dinner. New Hampshire welcomes you! oxoxo

  4. I have only know 3 women that would admit to what you have written here, and I am one of them . This is ssooo funny and I can so relate ! Good luck !