Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And what a week it was...!

Wow; what a week! M had such a good time, and I really enjoyed watching her have so much fun. I’m a little worn out, though. My capacity for crowds and strangers was kind of stretched.
Wednesday we woke up to a major snowstorm, and the early school cancelation call (at 5:30 am) made me so tired for the rest of that day. I realize they need to get the word out, but that early? Really? But that meant I didn’t have to peel the mattress off of M’s back that morning, even if going back to sleep myself didn’t happen. Instead, once she woke up and digested the news that she was staying home, she was eager to do her best imitation of an REI or LLBean product tester! We got her kitted out in her snow pants, new boots, turtleneck, fleece, and mittens, and then she was outside merrily playing in the falling snow. The snow continued into Thursday, and so M got 2 snow days. She was out playing in it as much as she could, despite the temps in the 20s.

Colorado means the weather can – and does – change dramatically and without warning, and by Friday the sun was back out and the snow began to melt from the roads and sidewalks. She had a party at school, which I got to attend, and it began with the kids having a parade through the school to show off their costumes, followed by a party in their classroom. A lot of effort went into it, and it was nice to see.

That evening we went to a party at my friend A’s house, and had a good time. Although their daughter was not there, another little girl showed up, and so I got to stay longer than I had thought. That was fun – I enjoyed talking to the smart, funny women that tend to collect at A’s home. I wish I still lived close by, but am glad I’m still on their invitation list.

Saturday was Halloween, so we answered the door to some trick or treaters before going out ourselves. This is one of those “sucks to be a single parent” moments – trying to be supremely organized so that we were both in our costumes and ready by sunset, answer the door and participate in the neighborhood fun, and still be able to go out trick or treating.

Oh, and then drive over to K’s house so that we could then drive to another party, where M and her son got to go out and trick or treat some more. M was in heaven. I was in someone’s home faced with a roomful of people I don’t know – not my favorite thing. But they were nice, the food was great, and at last it was time to go. Except that now K needed a ride downtown as someone else cancelled on her, so we agreed that I’d drop her and take both kidlets back to my place for a sleepover. By the time we ended back at Casa Mountain, both kids were asleep in the car and could barely climb the stairs to M’s room. It took about 4 seconds to get them into bed.

Sunday morning was nice; I was up before the kids, made some coffee and had a quiet moment before they woke up, and then they cooperatively chose a movie to watch while I made breakfast and baked a coffee cake for the Bronco party. I was so pleased that they were being so good and getting along! By the time we showed up at Bronco Central, I was already “done,” but hung out mainlining coffee until the end of the game (which ended badly, btw). M was mad at me that we left before she was ready to go, but the Bronco party was more heavily attended than usual, it was hot and I was wearing a sweater (it was sunny and warm outside) and I was exhausted. When I saw that one of the little boys had tracked in dog shit, I’d reached my limit and knew it was time to go.

I still need to take down some decorations, but the time change always kicks my butt a little bit. That outdated ritual – which I think it’s high time we abandoned – seems to signal the beginning of the Holiday Season. Already there are Christmas ads beginning to appear. Good grief! One holiday at a time, people! I have to get through Thanksgiving first.


  1. But at least you could leave the house to get Scotch again, right?

    Glad the week turned out so great for you! Plus, I'm sure M was a hit in her costume and parka during T-o-T...

  2. Good grief you are one busy person!

    I am so envious of the snow. ::sigh::

  3. Did they have MILFs in the '60's? Mmmmmm....

    Sounds like a busy, but fun week. I'm tired just reading about it.

    Kate, wait until you get to Houston!

  4. What an amazing weekend! You guys are rockin' the new digs in CO. Love the costumes, too!!

    Let me guess, you were Milfy O? Breakfast at Milfany's? :)

  5. Elliott: As soon as the snow stopped, I made a run! And it warmed up so much M didn’t have to even wear a jacket!
    Kate: I LOVE the snow. I’ve really missed it.
    Frank: You are such a sweetie!
    Bev: Obviously I am the only one who watches Mad Men. I really had fun with the costume, and yes, I heard the Jackie O comment all weekend. Flattering! I am sooooo happy to be back among my peeps!

  6. I have absolutely no clue how I missed this post. Bad bloggy friend, bad!

    Wow! You guys were busy! I got a little worn out reading this. Sounds like a great time, other than being hot at the party (worst thing EVER) and the dog shit.

    And no kidding about Christmas! My pumpkins are still on the porch and local radio is playing carols. Too early, people!

  7. M is such a cutie.. as ever.

    Snow already? Sheesh. I could not live there. It's a beautiful state but snow in November? No way.