Thursday, October 29, 2009


I adore my daughter. She is the light of my life. I couldn’t be happier to be her mom.
She’s driving me out of my mind with one thing since we moved into this townhouse at the end of July. She won’t stop trying to have a conversation from upstairs when I’m downstairs. Ignoring her does nothing; she just keeps yelling. We are not yellers. I do not yell. I keep repeating to her that if she wants to talk to me, then come downstairs where I am and then attempt to carry on a discussion. But no.
I may be in the kitchen with water running. I may be standing next to the washing machine. The furnace may have just kicked in, and so while I hear her urgently vocalizing something, the content of the message is lost. Besides, it is fucking annoying. And it is usually something of tremendous import: “Mom, how do you spell –“ “Mom, do you want to see the string on this toy?” “Mom, where is my sock?”
M, I say, if you have something to say to me, come downstairs. I can not hear you when I am not in the room. Stop yelling at me.

In one ear and out the other.

And with the snow we have had for two days straight, she is bouncing off the walls a little bit, although she’s been out in it playing. I wanted to go walking in the greenbelt in all this snow, but the wind has been constant. I hate wind.

Ack! There she goes again! “Mom?”


  1. I'd love to give you some encouragement...but it really never gets any better.
    Mine are OLD and they still yell from wherever they are...only now its usually, 'want to see (whatever) on Youtube?'
    No- no I don't.

  2. My kids do that constantly! Although, we no longer have an upstairs they still wait til I'm in the shower or in another room to try and talk to me. Usually, they just wanna beg for something I've already told them they can't do or have LOL

  3. Ugh, you're preaching to the choir! We stood at the top of the stairs a few weeks back and watched Sam in the recliner, twirling his hair saying, "Dave...Dave...Dave...Dave..." He only stopped because he heard us laughing at him. And around here it seems that Sam can go for hours without needing me, but the second my ass makes contact with the toilet seat, "MAMA!" And it's usually from two flights down. I gotta go, he's yelling for me.

  4. They don't grow out of it. My mom does the same thing. She waits until I walk out of a room before deciding she needs something.

  5. That's my husband.. We can go days... errrr, I mean hours not saying a word, then he'll go down stairs and find he needs to tell me something. Does he return to where he knows I am? Hellz no! He'll just shout. I ignore.

    Putting a phone to my head also gives him the urge to talk to me.

    As for my kids, well they just NEVER shut the hell up.

  6. UGH! So annoying. I completely understand and commisserate on every level!

    That Family Guy spot that TBS is running makes me want to kill someone, btw. As if it wasn't annoying enough to have my own children "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom-ing" me night/day, now I have to hear :30 of Stewie Griffin doing it too. GAH!

  7. Bev - TBS sucks. Trust me on this.

    MtnMama - add me to the list of parents who fight this battle on a daily basis. I hate yelling. All kids do it, but when I was little, all my dad had to do was tell us once or twice to stop and we stopped -- permanently. I bet I've told my kid 57,000 times not to yell.

  8. I've stopped answering my son when he does this, it really pisses him off (which makes me a little happier than it should!)