Monday, October 12, 2009

The week ahead

This is going to be a challenging week. Tomorrow, I have my first Parent-Teacher conference with my daughter’s Kindergarten teacher. I did them at my daughter’s preschool, but now she has homework! And for some reason my kid is totally spazzing out about an issue that I never would have imagined would be a big deal to her: she doesn’t want to call out her name in response to roll call. She says she’s afraid people will laugh at her. This is weird, because she is a pretty outgoing and socially confident little girl. Sometimes her willingness and enthusiasm to approach strangers – like other little kids at the playplace at McDonalds – blows me away. So this sudden eruption of pseudo-shyness is aggravating. Especially because it’s becoming an issue and they’ve had to talk to me about it. I’ve talked to M and so far she is not budging. I’m at a loss.

Also, a position has opened up at the company I worked for when I used to live here. It is a spot that I had always thought I could do well, and I am going to apply for it tomorrow. They were closed today for Columbus Day. I hate it when I really want something, because I tend to obsess and worry and then feel really bad if it doesn’t pan out.

I have a job fair to attend on Friday, in Downtown Denver. I hope the weather cooperates. This will be a new experience for me. I hope my good pants fit. I haven’t tried on my business clothes for a while. Yeah, that’s what I think about. That, and the parking.

Thank goodness I’ve had a little excitement in my life for the past couple weeks! There is really not a lot to compare to the boost to one’s confidence that seeing someone new gives to your outlook, is there? I’ve been noticing a certain spring in my step (ahem) that definitely has been missing for QUITE a while! Having worked among mostly guys, and rather “unpolished” ones at that, for a long time, I’ve had many occasions to hear the trite opinion that what someone really needs is a good and thorough fucking. I was always the one to roll my eyes and respond with varying degrees of distain. That kind of crass remark seems so simplistic and sexist. But, of late, I gotta say... I see some truth to it. *grin*

I think it is doing marvelous things for my skin...


  1. I was going to ask you why you were up so late, until I read the last paragraph. :-) Good for you! And for him.

    Good luck with M and the job prospect.

  2. well holy hell- good for you!!! :)
    I'm sure this stuff with M will work itself out- new move, new place, new school- something 'weird' is always bound to pop up in the strangest way :)
    Good luck on the job front too!

  3. Hee Hee.... GO YOU!!!!!
    And yes, there's plenty of positive benefits to The Big O! Glowing skin is just one of them.


    Oh, and one more thing: WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!

    that is all. good luck at the job fair. *grin*

  5. You can see the order of my priorities, can't ya?
    Thanks for the good wishes on the job hunt!
    Fingers crossed!

  6. Frank: My sleep patterns are still all wonky. :)
    Mary: I know, but she's still driving me buggy.
    Mala: Extra laundry? :)
    Bev: Thanks, babe!

  7. Maybe she's a little embarrassed at having such a unique name, "M"? I dunno, just a thought. ;)

    Good luck at the job fair!

    And brown chicken brown cow!!!

  8. M is short for "Magnificence."

    When is "M" day at Sam's Show & Tell?

  9. Thank goodness for the Urban Dictionary. Jeez...

  10. BUSTED SAMSMAMA!!!!!!! You've been watching Real Chance of Love 2: Back in the Saddle, haven't you!!!?

  11. Um, should I be a teensy bit uncomfortable now?

  12. I can honestly say I've not wasted so much as one minute watching that show, but something tells me YOU have. BUSTED MALA!!!

  13. OF COURSE I watch RCL2! I'm addicted to all sorts of crappy reality TV!

    (still not buying that you didn't get that line from the joke Classy told Real)

  14. You guys are killing me! But if anyone even whispers the Big Cat word, your ass is mine! ;)

  15. Psssst! Samsmama. What's the Big Cat word? shhhhhhhh.

    Oh, wait...I got it. NFW am I going to say it!

  16. WooHoo! I'm glad someone is gettin' some! lol

    Also, I think the stuff with M should blow over on it's own. Maybe just a bit of a control issue til she gets her bearings with all the new stuff? If it were me, I would make sure the teacher is not making a big deal about it at school (be sure and ask M how the teacher is handling it). Maybe she can just raise her hand for roll call, til it works itself out?

    Good luck on the job hunt!

  17. WAAAAHOOOOOO!!!! Get you some girl!!!

    Hope you get the job!

  18. Woohoo! Totally agree with that last statement!

  19. Are you trying to tell us you got LAID? Boned? Bent? Boinked? Poked? Porked? Plowed? Schtupped? Slammed?

    Good on ya! Glad someone is getting laid around here... I mean, besides Frank and Smama.

  20. Besides Frank? Cary, do you know something I don't know? Or am I a harder sleeper than I thought?

    Yeah, I said "hard."

  21. oh, Cary! About time you joined in! (that's what she said...)