Sunday, November 15, 2009

If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes

We have a saying in Colorado: If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes.  While it doesn't change THAT rapidly, it does change pretty fast.  Which is actually something I really like about this area; there are definite seasons, there is drama and beauty in the natural environment, and it isn't boring. 
I had been watching the forecast, so I knew this storm was coming, and so yesterday - Saturday - M and I geared up and went for a walk in the greenbelt.  It was getting colder and at only about 1 pm it was already getting dark with the cloudcover.  While we were out it started to snow, but I got these pictures first:

One of several bridges that cross the creek that names our greenbelt.  Some of the prairie dogs were scurrying about, no doubt stocking their pantries before getting snowed in.

This morning, it looks like this outside:

By later in the week, it is supposed to be back in the mid 50s, clear and sunny again.  I love Colorado!


  1. I so want to live in Colorado!

  2. my husband lived in CO a number of years ago ... loved it then, love it now.
    We visited one Christmas- all the kids and I- and the day we were due to leave it was 70 and sunny. The next day it had snowed a foot over night and by the time we got the Kansas they were closing the highway behind us.
    We ended up stranded in Kansas... I wish we're been stuck in Boulder :(

  3. Hey! Let's not knock Kansas, shall we? Admittedly, western KS is nothing but a flat dust bowl, but still.

    Love the pictures! I love a good snow storm, but from the comfort of my warm living room.

    P.S. We say the same thing about our weather.

  4. We have that same expression here in New England!

    Love the quick changes. I've heard that the snow melts faster in CO as well, which appeals to me. Our snow sticks around until it is a filthy black lump in May.

  5. I'll never forget a friend from the NorthEast telling me about her car being buried by snowplows at a mall parking lot and not being able to get it out for months! It's only Monday, and the sun is out and the snow is slowly melting.

  6. Everyone stole that expression from us Texans!

    If you enlarge that prairie dog photo, you can see that he's got 3 bottles of scotch in his pouch.

  7. He's one smart little Prairie Dog! I'll bet it's Glenlivet.

  8. I think the prairie dog is just shitting in some other prairie dog's hole.

  9. Same expression in Indiana, where I grew up, and Wyoming, where I live now. We're state neighbors.

  10. I really had no idea the expression was so universal, but it makes sense when you think about it. (like so many things, really!)