Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Going Away Lunch

My last day at work is Friday, and today a bunch of us were going to go to one of the great restaurants near work for one last lunch. 3 of the 7 people invited ended up not coming, so I was a little bummed, but it was still a nice lunch.

I am the one in the pink. After lunch my boss (one of the people that couldn’t make it) and Beckey (the gal to my right) had a “turnover” meeting to discuss my projects’ status and go over any problems they should know about. Those two have been so great to work with that I will really miss them. Not the work, so much, but the dynamic of our personalities. The way we hash out problems and have similar energy levels and a way of meeting of the minds that is very productive. I haven’t always been so fortunate at jobs to have a boss that gets me and trusts me, and I haven’t always had someone as generous with her time and appreciative of my contribution as Beckey. *sigh* I believe they are truly sad to see me go (not always the case!).

I took pictures of my cubicle, too. It’s a little neater than usual, because I’ve wrapped up my projects and taken some stuff home, but it is generally pretty neat. My wall of pictures of my daughter is something I look at when I need to cheer myself up, or remind myself of what really matters.

I have a lot of work left for my class that will be over on Saturday. This class has been so tedious and boring that it’s been hard to concentrate on getting the work done. I’m sooooo looking forward to being finished!
In three more days it is time for vacation and FUN! Yay!


  1. You are such a pretty lady! I'm glad they took you out! I love your little wall of inspiration, too. I have something similar at my crap job.

    Three more days! Eyes on the prize!!!

  2. congrats- and hang in there...soon you'll be job-free and on vacation! woo Hoo!

  3. Sucks that 3 people couldn't make it, looks like a great lunch.

    Hang in there! You're in the final stretch!

  4. Bev: thank you, my dear!

    Mary: One more day!

    Samsmama: yeah, it did. oh well, sometimes people have their reasons that have nothing to do with us. still...