Monday, June 29, 2009

Coastal respite

Ahhhh. Fresh ocean breezes. Lovely. This morning I left behind (I kid you not) 107 degree heat and drove 3 hours Southwest to Capitola!
The past few days have been a little harrowing. My little girl got sick just as I was trying to wrap up my job and my class, and if I thought I was sleep deprived before…! She’s got a really awful cold, basically, and her typical way of fighting anything is to spike fevers off and on until she gets past whatever crud has found her. When she was really little it used to scare me, and I’d rush her to the pediatrician, only to be told I was already doing everything there was to do. I’ve been through it now enough times to know the routine. What did people do before children’s Motrin? As soon as we got here she got in the bed and was OUT.
Still, I am just so glad to see the end of that class. And the job’s last day came and went, so now I’m just sitting here in my hotel room, tapping away on my keyboard, listening to M snore, and cursing the fact that I left behind the wine key. This is the same hotel we’ve stayed in before, and I’m so glad to be here! The room is comfy, it is close to everything, we have a little fridge and microwave, and Internet! There’s a small swimming pool, and the continental breakfast here is pretty decent. I want to hit the grocery this evening and pick up a few things, but we are okay for now. M hasn’t been hungry much, I’m thrilled if I hit on something she will eat right now, and that isn’t her usual style. She couldn’t eat anything at my “celebration dinner” at Red Lobster, and it was her idea to go there! She loves crab legs!
For tonight, I’m so beat that I’m just looking forward to some food, a bath, and sleep! Then we’ll get to all the FUN later.


  1. Awww, sorry your girly is sick!

    BUT, congrats on finishing the job and on starting your vacation!

    ENJOY! And call the front desk, I'm sure they have a cork screw you can borrow! When there's a will....

  2. enjoy!!! and mmmmmm, crab legs...

  3. I hope your little one gets to feeling better! Totally jealous of the vacay!:)

  4. well, between the baby's snoogy nose and cough and the cloudy skies, we've yet to get to the beach itself, though I can smell it! It is so cool and pleasant here, the California that I knew and loved, the post-hippie funk of the Santa Cruz area. I could lounge around here for weeks and just be.

  5. Hope M is all better! Hope you gave her a rain check on that dinner. Crab legs...drool.

    And I'd go MacGyver on a wine bottle. Just sayin'.