Monday, June 8, 2009

Three Weeks

It is now 3 weeks until my planned last day on the job. After that, my daughter and I are going on a well-deserved and long awaited weeklong vacation to Capitola, California. She’s been there before and is really looking forward to it. I have a long history with Capitola and it has a special place in my heart. Since when I was a teenager and first started going to the beach without my parents, this is where I have gone to relax, have fun, and step away from whatever is going on in my life. Before the next phase of my life begins, I need a week of bliss with my little girl, playing in the water, on the sand, walking, eating icecream, and listening to the ocean. There are lots of little shops that we stroll through and poke around in. Last year, I bought myself a lovely sarong to tie around my waist over my swimsuit, and a big wide brimmed hat, and we walked around like ladies of leisure.

The area around it has much swankier (more expensive) surrounding towns like Monterey and Pacific Grove, and more well-known destinations like Santa Cruz, but I have always been attracted to the quaintness of Capitola and it’s unpretentious style. It took a hit in the 1989 earthquake, but aside from losing one of my favorite restaurants, it recovered nicely. I am looking forward to going to Zelda’s and drinking Bloody Marys and eating shrimp and calamari with M on their patio on the beach.
(ok, M doesn’t get a Bloody Mary, and we walk everywhere – no car!)

Can’t wait!


  1. Oooh, that sounds incredible! Definitely keep your eye on the prize! What a prize it is....

    Oh, and now I really want a Bloody Mary!

  2. That sounds wonderful! Now that you're "out of the closet" be sure to get lots of pictures!

  3. Bev: It is my graduation present to me! (since I know I'm the only one who will do anything) Living well IS the best revenge!

    Samsmama: Will do! ;)

  4. OOOOH! That will be a wonderful and well-deserved vacation. Nice to see someone get off the beaten path for a getaway!

    BIG HUGS! Get through the next few.

  5. Jessica: It is everything this place is not.

  6. Re: 15 things post. (You don't have a follow up email address, so I'm doing it this way.) Take as long as you want. When you get it up, let me know and I'll link to you. My template is weird and I sort of think that it's hard to tell which words are in bold. If you are having any problems, email me! I look forward to reading yours!