Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Trash House

This is our next door neighbor's lot. These piles of crap have been there for four years, probably longer. (that's just how long I've seen them!) The trash cans are ironic, I think. I've never been able to figure out how they decide what goes in the can, and what they just throw on the ground. There's all kinds of nasty crap that doesn't show in these pictures. They claim they are "renovating" - but it's been going on for EVER and it just gets worse. Oh, yeah, there are several late model trucks parked there all the time.

I’ve written before about the Trash House next door because of the rats that keep finding their way over here. My tally for the four years I’ve been here: 3 infestations of big disgusting rats, and 2 of mice. The last mice “visitation” was pretty recently and the little fuckers were in our upstairs bedroom! I even heard them squeaking!

I’ve been meaning to get pictures of the place and I finally did. One of the old ladies across the street saw me taking the pictures and was laughing. We started talking about the Trash House and she told me everybody has had rat problems since those people moved in, and everybody’s mad about it. Of course, my mother never told her we had worse rats than anyone, so I outed her to the neighbors. My mother and the other old ladies on this street talk all the time, standing out by each other’s flower beds, and in all time, Mom never revealed our shameful secret! Eeesh.

The camper comes and goes. Some children live over there, and sometimes you can see them playing on the trash piles and it looks just like a Save the Children ad. Between the health violations, the building code violations, and the other nasty goings on, the sheriff and the county have been called numerous times. Because it is "unincorporated" and the enforcement is truly pitiful around here, nothing is done. One of the old ladies on the street, the one who has the misfortune of living right across from them, was once a Social Worker for the county and she knows these people. It kills her that it isn't being taken care of, and it kills her that she has to look at it. For a while she was going to move, she said, but she can't sell her cute as a button and neat as a pin house. Hmmm, I wonder why?


  1. I am totally showing this to my mom so she will quit bitching and moaning about her neighbors. Seriously, this is FAR worse. So sorry you have to look at that crap. Makes you wanna move to the city, right?

  2. good god!
    Maybe start a small fire and try to smoke 'em out? Myabe at least the rats will flee...although probably just to all the otehr houses.
    Never mind.