Monday, May 4, 2009

Never do anything the easy way

April was my last LAST literature class! Last week I had a shitload of work to finish, a four-hour timed test to take, and a paper to write. I planned ahead and arranged to take Friday and Monday off. (Thank goodness for “diversity days!”) Then I started feeling kind of sick. We’ve been suffering from allergies for weeks, as the pollen around here has been fierce, so at first I wasn’t really sure whether it was just the allergies getting worse, or a real virus. All I knew for sure is that I felt like hell.

Friday I woke up hurting, but as I’d organized my schedule and felt like I could pace myself, I thought I’d be okay.

At noon, I got a call from M’s daycare. M felt “puky” and I had to go pick her up. Of course it was pouring rain. When I got there she informed me she felt better. It is a half hour drive to her daycare one way, so she was coming home with me anyway. I felt horrible.

By the time we got home, she felt energetic and I felt like death. I decided to postpone the test until Saturday and kept working on my assignments.

Saturday: more rain, I felt terrible, M felt fine, and I had a test to take. The test was gruesome, but I finished it at 3:45 and then collapsed on the couch and watched tv until bedtime.

Sunday: more rain, I felt terrible, M felt fine, but bored and kind of cranky. I finished my paper at 8pm. Then I couldn’t fall asleep until after 11.

This morning we slept in until 7:45 (whoo hoo!) and then we stopped at Starbucks and had a little something. M loves their “kid’s hot chocolate” and was very happy.

I am going to catch up with all the laundry, cleaning, and grocery shopping I need to do, and maybe get a long nap if I’m really lucky.
No class in May!


  1. My kids are the princesses of feeling bad until they have adequately inconvenienced me. ;) Sorry you had a yucky weekend. Being sick was just adding insult to injury. At least M wasn't sick... imagine how much more challenging the weekend could have been.

  2. Jessica: you are absolutely right! And I got an A on my paper (though I don't know yet how I did on my final) so there's that.

    And once I feel alive again, I'm sure I'll be thrilled...*cough*