Thursday, April 16, 2009

yes, the Simpsons are inspirational, why do you ask?

I have a feeling, judging by how things have been going at work for the past couple days, that pretty soon I will be standing at the proverbial chalkboard, writing 50 times:

I will not instigate revolution
I will not get very far with this attitude
I will not dance on anyone's grave
This school does not need a "regime change" (substitute institution of your choice)

Thanks, Cary, for running this again. I needed it today in a baaaaaad way.

It is common wisdom that stressful times bring out the worst in the weakest people, so I am not surprised that this place resembles an old mining area after a good rain; full of sink holes.

Still. I find it ironic that my last few months here are turning out to be such a turbulent time for this department. Some of the manifestations are pretty funny; you just have to wonder what they were thinking. Of course, the current management is struggling to deal with the radioactive fallout, not giving anyone a very secure feeling.

I am spending far too much time surfing the interwebs, but it helps me to find funny things to keep my perspective. I do, after all, only have (excluding some scheduled days off) 48 days left here.

Yes, I counted.

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