Thursday, April 2, 2009

Corporate Life in this Recession

I wonder what it is like in other companies right now. This one is so skewed by factors such as:
☺ The business requirements are subject to State legislation, not commercial profit and loss models.
☺ After being a department with an organization since its inception, we are now subcontractors to the organization – they are now our “customer.”
☺ Our previous Director was completely consumed with winning the bid to put in a new, modern system to replace the old mainframe system we have. Once it became clear that the system replacement wasn’t going to happen, she left. Everything that a Director should have been paying attention to during her tenure – the business, the employees, management – was neglected and left to staff without qualifications and with their own agenda
☺ We now have a stable of old, tired workhorses that don’t have a lot left in them, several burnt-out overachievers that should have moved on a few years ago and are now suffering, and many good employees who have been trying to just do their jobs and are getting swept down the drain with the rest.

The organization just announced they are planning on laying off 102 more employees starting July 1st. As if things weren’t dismal already!

The next three months are my last here, and look like they are going to be some of the worst. I am seriously looking forward to not having a job, simply because this one is so laden with tension, acrimony, uncertainty, and the left-overs of mismanagement that it is painful. The mistakes made in the last several years have come back to roost.

Is it like that everywhere right now?

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  1. Looks like your "bad girlfriend" is acting up again.