Monday, February 15, 2010

When Mama is Happy…

Thanks to my lovely, generous, and understanding friend K, I was able to take advantage of the reservations I’d made last week and still keep my Saturday night with Mr. October. My daughter spent the night at my friend’s house, where she got to revel with some of her buddies and have a slumber party, and I got to get fluffed up and step out with a good smelling and funny man and have a Big Girl Night Out. Such fun. We went to a great place in Denver called Vita, and there was live Jazz and nice waitstaff (!) and good lighting and really yummy food. We talked and laughed and drank and ate, and I had a great time. I was aware that it was Valentine weekend, but there was absolutely no trace of it in the place, and nothing schmaltzy interfered with my evening. *Sigh!*

After a ridiculous amount of fuss, M’s dad has rescheduled his ill-conceived visit to this Thursday. I can only hope that he will be able to manage the trip. I have no idea what I’m going to do with him for 5 days this time, since M won’t have the four day weekend we are still enjoying today. But I’m not going to let him ruffle my feathers if I can help it.

I had a lovely weekend and I want to maintain the happy buzz as long as I can.


  1. YAY! So glad you got a chance to get "fluffed up" (love that!) and out of the house with a nice guy. Wonderful!

  2. Glad you still got to go out, must hear more about the wonderful time.

  3. Nothing at all wrong with a fluffer, especially when he's funny and smells good!

    SOSO happy for you and your evening out! Perfect timing, as I'm cringing just thinking about Thursday, and the FIVE LONG DAYS to follow. Stock up on Scotch, that's all I've got! And I'm just a click away!

  4. Yay! Good for you! So glad you enjoyed a Big Girls Night Out! And with a funny, good-smellin' guy too. I hope you can ride that buzz thru the Ex's visit.

  5. Frank: Ha! Thanks!

    Bev: He is nice. And getting out of the house is fabulous.

    Elliott: What “more” would you like to hear about? How warm the evening was, or how surprised I was in the morning when he said that it had snowed overnight? ;)

    Samsmama: Welcome back, Sister! I’ve missed you! Believe me, I am dreading Thursday and I have stocked up! And I will be clicking, trust.

    Mala: It was bliss. Thanks.

  6. Well, I'm usually just curious about what you had for dinner, drinks, dessert...(i.e. did you eat from the 'small plates' menu, sharing tapas, or did you splurge and have the flat-iron steak with the Temporanillo, which would have been my choice? I might be a food nerd...maybe...)

    But if there's 'bow-chicka-waow-waow', I won't be one to decline details of that, either.

  7. Kate: Thank you! I really need to do this more often.

    Elliott: Ha! I couldn't resist... I found the menu intriging but a little hard to figure out, and had the server (who was chatty) explain it to me. I ended up with the Large Plate of the Lamb, which was labor-intensive but totally worth it, and he got the Halibut Special, which was really good. We are both trying to watch our wallets AND our waistlines, so we refrained from the Small plates, although it was a hard choice. I'd love to go back and work my way through the rest of the menu. And if they hadn't had the Lamb, I'd have gone for the flat-iron steak!

  8. MtnMama- so glad your plans didn't get derailed!!! You deserve a little time for you. And M had fun so win-win.
    As for Buster...well, you can't expect much. I mean, I hate it when people I LIKE stay with me! Can't imagine if my ex wanted to stay....*shiver*
    Maybe make some plans for yourself and let them have some time alone too (if you're OK with that)...and if you're not able to, add Kahlua to your coffee and keep a buzz on all week :)