Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This just pisses me off

I've been reading about Marcus Schrenker, the guy who has apparently faked his own death. What a miserable little worm. I am so sick of people who can't deal responsibly with their own messes. It just pisses me off something fierce.

The idiot is only 38. The stories say he was a "daredevil." Yeah, right. It's not hard to be a cocky asshole. It isn't hard to be a flashy salesman and spend a lot of money and party it up. But now it looks like his party is over: he lost a lot of money (waaaa), his wife filed for divorce, and his business dealings are under investigation. So he booked. Coward.

Sounds to me like people just started calling him on his shit. Happens. Grownups learn to own up to their mistakes, take stock, and do what they can to make things right and then start over. Many times with nothing. Like I said, he's only 38.

He makes me sick. What a poster boy for the kind of attitude and lifestyle that got us all into the economic mess we're in right now. Bigger, better, faster, newer, shinier... til it runs out, then someone else is left holding the bag.

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