Monday, March 16, 2009

As the stomach turns...

Friday afternoon the company announced (via email) a “temporary” additional 10% pay cut for the month of April. On top of the 5% they have already put in place.


It is as if this company knows I’m going to break up with it, and is now just behaving badly. What it really serves to do is send the morale around here, which was already pretty awful, spiraling around the toilet bowl. Mondays are generally cheerless here, but today is truly morgue-like.

Fifteen weeks! Yippee!

Good news: the quotes I’ve started to get for the “full service” move I am planning are not astronomical. I spent about $2500 last time, which included the ABF truck, the rental of a U-Haul here, and paying a couple of teenage boys that my mom knew to help unload here, and gas for the U-Haul. With the change in circumstances going back, I am having a professional company do the loading on both sides and the truck driving. I can pack a truck like a pro, but I can’t carry all the stuff by myself, so I am going that route. I was worried that it would cost a lot more, but so far, the estimates are reasonable (I had budgeted for twice as much). Other than the anxiety I will inevitably feel having strangers moving my stuff, the comparative ease of this method will be worth every penny. And everything (nearly) is packed up already and in neat rows in the storage unit.

Ugh, I HATE having a storage unit. I feel like I’ve bought my own stuff over and over again. Almost $6500 for four years of keeping boxes in a bigger box. I got rid of so much when I moved out here; a lot of it I gave to R and I’m pretty sure he abandoned it soon after, but I try to separate myself from the attachment to stuff. I am planning on selling or donating my entertainment center (funny name for 3 massive oak pieces) and my refrigerator, as well as the cherry hutch that was my grandmothers. The pieces are just so big and heavy, and I doubt very much I’ll have space for them. I visualize a much lighter, sparer environment in the future. I’d like to get some simple wood pieces and refinish them and keep it simple.

I want light and space and privacy, the absence of freeway noise, and my own damn kitchen.

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  1. Light and space and privacy. That sounds so good.