Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bachelor Number Two

One of the first guys that contacted me on the Current Dating Site seemed like a nice guy, but we started emailing each other right when Denver got its first measurable snow and the temperature plummeted, and I was home with the child on her Winter Break.  There was no chance of meeting up until she was back in school, so it took until this afternoon to arrange something with him.

After last Friday's fiasco, I was not quite as enthusiastic, and I was a little bit worried that I wouldn't be able to recognize Bachelor Number Two because the pictures he supplied were from 2002.  But he sounded nice, and he works in IT like me, and he has a black Lab.  I have a very soft spot for black Labs... as I'm still missing Maggie and Molly with a sharp ache. 

He suggested a place that I know, and was coincedentally the spot I met a date the LAST time I was doing this whole Internet Dating Thang.  THAT guy had been a real prick, but I decided not to hold it against the restaurant.

You can never predict the traffic crossing town after work, but I needed to stop by the library and pick up a book I'd reserved, so I left work and headed out.  After being in the single digits all week, today was quite nice and the icy, snowy streets were melting.  I made it to the library in no time, and then arrived at the restaurant location with a half hour to spare, so I popped into DSW Shoes to browse.  It's amazing that out of dozens of pairs of black leather boots, I couldn't find just the right pair, but I enjoy looking at shoes.  At the appointed time, I crossed the parking lot and entered the restaurant.

He wasn't there.  And after ten more minutes, he still wasn't there.  The place wasn't busy yet, so I got the benefit of every server and hostess and even the manager staring at me.  The manager even asked me if I was doing okay.  I smiled and told him he could only help me if he'd found a guy in his restaurant sitting by himself waiting for me. 

Just when I was about to leave, there he was in front of me.  He still had his sunglasses on, so it took me a second... and his hair is grey, but when he removed his glasses and smiled, I saw that it was him.  We sat down and ordered a beer, and started talking.

And he was nice!  (and I never saw a cellphone!)  He talked mostly about his work, but he asked me a lot of questions about mine, as well.  He seemed eager to find things we had in common, which was flattering.  I enjoyed talking to him, and if I hadn't had to leave to go pick up M, I would have been happy to stay longer.  I told him that I had to go, and he offered me his contact info.  I was pleased that he wasn't trying to rush things.

When I realized that I had to leave Right Then, or risk being late, he understood, and didn't try to follow me to my car.  I left and picked up M and we went home and had dinner and we then we got started on her homework.  Only then did I check my email, and he'd sent me a brief, friendly message.

So I chatted online with him for a bit, while I monitored M's homework progress, then I told him I'd talk to him later.

This one has possibilities! 


  1. I hope it wasn't Maggiano's, Joan, or I may take it the wrong way. :-(

    Ok, so that wasn't a date, else I wouldn't have brought a friend along. :-)

    I'm glad it worked well for you, especially after the last one. Good luck, and have fun with it!

  2. Frank! Nooooo! And I brought M, remember... I'd have never done that if it was date.

    And I love Maggiano's, but this was On The Border at Denver West. Way other side of town, near the Foothills.

  3. Yay!!!!! So glad you had a good time! When's date #2?

  4. He sounds like a great guy... but why was he so late?

    I'm glad this one went well. Can't wait to hear how things unfold....

  5. I'm glad you had fun. He does sound promising. Sending good thoughts your way. :-)