Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Midweek Update

This will be brief, because I haven’t caught up with myself yet, having started the new JOB on Monday. However, it is amazing the amount of time and energy I am made to spend finding a route into and out of my workplace. Commuting is something I’ve become far too familiar with, and I am happy to report that my current commute is half what my last one was.
Still, the most direct path to my new place of employment was derailed by an 18 month Transportation project that started mere weeks before I was hired. I think sometimes that the gods enjoy fucking with me. I am willing to play along to a certain extent, but yesterday I was caught in the worst traffic snarl and I committed the Faux Pas of Daycare – I was late picking up my child. Okay, I was only late by 3 minutes, but that was the WORST drive home, and for the last part of it I was a total wreck because I could see that I wasn’t going to make it. I have never been late before. Ever.
It turns out that it is critical NOT to leave the Tech Center at 5 o’clock. Something evil happens right at 5, and the collective consciousness goes into some kind of alternate universe. I made the crucial mistake of getting into the Wrong Lane, and this misstep resulted in a critical loss of 15-20 minutes.
I consulted with my new coworkers, because I am nothing if not a consulter and collaborator on Shared Wisdom, and it turns out that it is Common Knowledge that you do NOT take the route out that we take in. I was told about the much better alternative, and today I sailed into Daycare to pick up M at the correct time. Thank you, my new work friend!
Which brings me to the part where I relate how there are some very nice people at my new JOB, and some of them go walking at lunchtime (something I enjoy very much), and I was invited to go along! The Tech Center has Downtown beat on scenery, hands down. There are miles of marvelously wide sidewalks among lovely landscaped office buildings, just suited for walking or riding bikes. I am able to get out of the building and use my lunch time to get some fresh air and exercise, and that makes me happy.
There is a lot to absorb, a lot to adjust to, and I am behind on all my “stuff” here at home because any change, especially a big one like this, sends me into a bit of a flutter trying to get into a new routine. But I will. I am looking forward to settling in. Oh, and getting paid. That too.


  1. Woo hoo! Getting paid is a good thing! :D Glad to hear you will be working with some friendly people. Lunchtime walks sound wonderful too! I know what you mean about having a lot to absorb. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with all I have to learn with my job too, but I'm still happy to have it.

  2. I couldn't remember if it was Monday (my guess) or today. For some reason, "May 5" was in my head.

    I'm glad that it looks like you're in with a good group of folks.

  3. Happy new job time!! Me, not so much... but it's all good...

    Getting paid RAWKS!! Good luck, and take care climbing the learning curve!!

  4. OMG I fear that "I'm going to be late to pickup at pre-school" feeling. It's horrible! Plus they charge like $10 for every minute you're late. Yeah, they don't play.
    Luckily, it hasn't happened yet. But there has been a time or two that I may have broken a few dozen traffic laws to be on time. I figure the speeding ticket is still cheaper than the $10/minute pre-school fine.

    And go you, with you're healthy walking at lunch. I'd often use my lunch to take a little nappy-poo under my desk.