Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I am so grateful to have a job. I want to start with that, because I don’t want to sound like a whiner for saying that I am soooo tired. I always take a while to adjust to change, whether it be daylight savings time, road construction, or completely changing your daily routine and taking on a whole new set of responsibilities.

Oh, and M’s dad has informed me that he is looking for work in Colorado.

I feel like taking a long nap. Experience tells me that all of it will shake out in time, even the PainInTheAss Ex, but right at this moment, I just want to find the remote for my life and hit the button that lowers the volume.

It’s good to be back at work, though. This new job has some freaky parallels with my last job, including a few people who are scarily accurate copies of one another. The job itself is similar to what I was doing before, but with an important difference. My last job was tied to the government, and many of the processes and the people where so used to the (slow) pace and the layers of bureaucracy that it was hard to get things done sometimes. I remember wishing I worked at a “commercial” shop, and now I do. Where I am now is a small-ish company that is growing fast. We’ll see how that compares over time.

I haven’t been paid yet, and I really appreciate my friend stepping in and offering a short term loan to help me bridge the gap. By the end of summer I should be back on track financially, and that is a really good feeling. I’ve worked so hard on my finances for the past ten years, and it is kind of discouraging to realize the impact that this move had on my Net Worth, but I know how good this was for our Mental Health, so I can live with the hit on my balance sheet. Still, I was thrilled to get a job with a company that is still contributing to 401k matches.

It is raining hard right now, and it is cold and grey outside as M gets ready for bed. This has been such a weird Spring; the weather has been all over the place. It is supposed to snow tomorrow, and this area is supposed to get around a foot of snow. Of course, the weather predictions can be completely wrong, but this feels very possible right at the moment. It has kept me hiding indoors, though, just when I feel like I could really use more time outside.

My daughter’s teacher had a baby a couple weeks ago, and so for the last month of school she’s got a substitute who is a terrible battle axe. I’ve talked to her several times, and her manner is aggressive and she had made up her mind about each of the kids after one day, labeling them all with negative remarks and dire predictions, and I hate her already. She starts every conversation with how she taught first grade for so many years, and she’s seen all this before, blah, blah, blah. In the meantime, the structure of the classroom has apparently gone all to hell, and I haven’t seen a homework folder for a while, and there is nothing coming home in the daily folder. It is sad that the last month of M's first school year is ending on such a flat note.
Happily, she will soon be in the Summer SAE program, and she knows the staff and most of the kids already, and they have tons of fun activities planned. It means extra driving for me for three months, as the drop off is farther away from our school, but I’m in Adjustment Mode, so I will manage. I think.


  1. What?! He couldn't pick one of the other 49 states? Or better yet, a different country?

    Hang in there. You're doing AWESOME!!!!

  2. Oh, Mala, I know! How about another planet? That works for me. Samsmama reminds me that it probably is just talk, and she knows from crazy baby daddies, so I'm trying to do my deep breathing exercises and not get my knickers in too much of a knot. Yet.

  3. I'm with SM, he can barely manage to follow through with visiting, how the hell could he manage to actual move there?? But if it does come to fruition I have a friend in CO who "knows people."

  4. Man, all of you people who "know people" scares me!

    Hang in there, MtnMama, you'll get a new routine down, in time.

  5. Well, I guess you could encourage him to use you as a reference and then tell all the prospective employers how crazy he is:) Srsly though, I am sure it will all work out.

  6. Any change takes an adjustment period. Getting a job was a change for the good at least. I'm with you on the tired thing. I'm dealing with being a little overwhelmed with all that is involved with my new job too, but I'm still loving it and glad I have it.

    That's unfortunate about the sub for M's class. I'm glad it happened at the end of the school year and not the beginning.

    Hang in there. Things will get better.

  7. So many teachers make you wonder how the hell they got into it in the first place, since they clearly dislike children.