Thursday, December 24, 2009

Countdown to Santa Claus

My little angel is manic right now and I am having trouble stringing words together, I’m so distracted. And sleep deprived. Normally, she sleeps late and allows me to do the same, which nicely balances out the weird staying up too late thing I’ve been doing recently, but not since she realized how close to Christmas we are. This morning, just like yesterday, she climbed into my bed to pester me into wakefulness, but I admit I love to cuddle with my baby, always in the back of my mind that soon enough she won’t want to anymore.

Being the pagan that I am, Christmas for us is entirely about the tree, lights, getting together with friends, and lots of fun food. Yesterday we made gingerbread - for making a gingerbread house tomorrow, and also for gingerbread men. We also made dipped chocolates. I loved making dipped chocolates as a child. This year I wanted to make them with M, and she seriously considered what three flavors we would make the centers. She chose raspberry, orange, and peppermint, and we colored them accordingly. She was really pretty good at rolling the fondant into little balls, but of course, lost interest in doing it long before all the balls had been made. That’s the fun of being the Mom. Going to the trouble of planning, arranging, setting up, and creating these projects, so that our kids can engage in something like candy making for a few minutes before wandering off to get into trouble in another part of the house while your hands are covered with chocolate.

The wine bottle got opened early. Outside our window, the snow kept falling all day, the kitchen was warm, the scent of gingerbread and chocolate creating a heady perfume, and Windam Hill was playing on the stereo (what M calls ballet music). She danced around the room in her pink tutu and undershirt for a long time, and then it occurred to her to go outside and play in the snow, in the dark, in her tutu. (She thought to put on a jacket, but didn’t feel she needed pants. Or boots, at first.) By the time was able to trundle her off to bed, we had a kitchen table covered with chocolate candy and cooling gingerbread pieces.

Today we are going over to our friends’ house for more cookie making, then back home to prepare for Santa. M can’t wait to hang her stocking. Tomorrow morning, she has a huge pile of presents to open, but I’m pretty sure I successfully dissuaded her dad from sending her the Zsu Zsu hamsters he thought (not being a real parent) would be a great idea. I have my fingers crossed. Merry Solstice/Christmas/Festivus, everyone!


  1. Oh, you were making real chocolates! I thought you were just dipping stuff in chocolate (NTTAWWT). Mmmmmmm....

    That's quite the festive tutu that M is wearing.

  2. Frank: Nope; the Real Thing! the random dipping was for the left over chocolate.
    She's still in the tutu...

  3. Right there with ya! Wine is such a gift. In fact, hubby got me a case of my favorite for Christmas. Enabler, anybody?

    We are finally getting snow and Sam is SO excited to play in it! Hopefully daddy lets him tomorrow, but keeps him bundled up! Seems he decided the kid didn't need his prescription meds the last time he had him. For 5 days.

    And now, for whatever reason, I'm picturing Frank in a tutu.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Samsmama: Sheesh, our exes...
    Love the case of wine as a gift (hint to anyone out there...)! The tutu had to be removed under duress at bathtime. She's had it since her birthday last March but the holiday spirit must have zapped something in her wiring, because she's ALL about it for the last few days. Maybe her obscenely large pile of presents will provide a new distraction...

  5. Oh merry merry Christmas!!!!! I'm a pagan as well, but just love this time of year!
    I'm so happy you let M do things like play in the snow in a tutu and that's about much better can childhood get?
    Have the best day ever!!!

  6. Mary: Thanks! I try really hard not to squash every impulse she has... and still keep her alive and such. :) She's opened her presents and is now figuring out which ones are fun and which are ... not. Good times.

  7. Oh wow! Those chocolates look heavenly! Fabulous post and I'm right there with you; getting in as much snuggly time as possible before it's 'uncool'.

    Happy New Year!