Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Confronting what I've been avoiding

It is week 2 of my Fitness Training class, and I'm happy to report that I am no longer walking like an arthritic 80 year old.  We had to begin the class by being weighed, and I saw a number I have only seen once in my life before, and that was when I was pregnant.  I had gone into this class with the belief that I would be getting "more fit," and that it was just a tune up.  Instead, after two weeks of concentrated hard work, it is clear that I had let things go beyond what I had let myself see.  I'm really grateful that my workplace sponsors this class and allows me the flexibility to include it in my schedule, because I needed it.  Badly.
Having been an "athletic" youth (not skinny, not beautiful) I had taken comfort in my strength and endurance, and it carried me for many years. 

The reality is that nothing lasts forever.  And that the older we get, the more vital it is to maintain - to work to maintain, the gifts that we have.  In my case, I took for granted that having always been a jock, I would somehow remain one, despite not having done anything like this class in YEARS.

Somehow this reality check made me think about other things I've been avoiding.  I decided it was high time I complained to the leasing office of my complex about the trashy people living next door.  (yes, ironically the jerk who lived there when I moved in left, and the family who moved in are horrible in their own way)  There are four adults and one child living in a townhouse a little bigger than mine, and they yell at each other constantly.  It seems to be their only form of communication.  They are also mean, stupid, and lazy.  So many a night, beyond "bedtime", I will be hearing one of them yell to another one in another room, or downstairs.  And back and forth, for the longest time.  Most of the time, they all join in a loud spirited argument that includes the little boy crying and protesting whatever it is they are telling him to do.  (he goes to school with M, and he's regularly still up at 10pm or later)  I've spoken to one of them about it - the little boy's father - twice.  The other day I realized that it wasn't going to get better and it would be like this as long as we all lived here unless I bit the bullet and made a formal complaint.  I recognized that I feared retaliation.  There are three big guys living over there, and they have demonstrated already that they possess no class, no judgement, and no kindness.  And I have issues with angry, out of control men. 

But I did it.  I went in and talked to my leasing agent, and followed it up with a couple emails.  Last night it was blissfully quiet.

Which is great, because now that I'm working out like this, I really need a good night's sleep.


  1. SHUTUP!!!!

    Good for you for saying something. Proud of you, sister!

    Ok, I'm freakishly close to my weight when I gave birth. I'm sort of secretly hoping I'm pregnant and don't know it, and will maybe end up on that show. Also, it's entirely possible that this past weekend didn't do me (or you) any favors. I haven't eaten that well in awhile. All those "leftovers" that you discarded because you were leaving? Yeah. I ate mine.

  2. Taking action against the low class neighbors took balls. I'm impressed.

    In an interview with a hunky movie star Oprah asked him if he works out to get ready to make a movie. He replied that after a certain age it's easier to stay in shape than to get in shape.