Friday, September 4, 2009

Hairstyles or Mugshots?

Not long ago, some of my webfriends were discussing haircuts from our past. It is a subject that amuses me, because although I like to think I’m pretty adventurous about hair, I’m not, really. Yes, I have periodically cut it very short, but then, predictably, grown it out again. I have done the live version of pretending to be a Growin Pretty Barbie.

I recently spent the day with the local government – I had to renew my driver’s license and register my vehicle, which involved an emissions test. I decided to do it all in one day, and it took all day. Of course driver’s licensing and vehicle registration can NOT be accomplished in the same place. Not even, as it turns out, in the same area. Anyway, it caused me to dig up my files, and in doing, I ran across my collection of driver’s licenses, going back to the late 80s. Before that, they confiscated licenses when you applied for a new one. That was a real drag, because my picture in one was of a haircut that I loved, and somehow didn’t have a picture of myself with it anywhere else. I never could describe it properly to a stylist again. It was my Joan Lunden cut. Remember Good Morning America back in the day?

I thought it would be fun to show you my montage of hair, courtesy of the DMV in the two states I shuffled back and forth between for a while. (I hope this doesn’t get used to forge anything...)

What else is funny? The top one is laminated, like you would do yourself. The technology for making drivers licenses has gotten progressively better and harder to fake, but you can see that Colorado was way behind California for a long time. When I worked behind the bar in Colorado, I once attended a seminar given by the Lakewood police on spotting fake IDs. It was very interesting and informative. It is also amazing what crap some people will try to pass off as real. I never had a fake ID myself. I relied on my personal charm.

As I continue going through my “archives” – as I am beginning to think of my boxes that still remain – I am going to look out for more haircut pictures. 

Also, despite the fact that I started out a size 8 and am now a size 8, my weight in these has gone from 120 to 140.   I lied a bit back then, apparently.


  1. Wow! Talk about getting better with age! Those are some nice DL photos.

    I had a 102F fever when I had mine done this year, and they made me take off my glasses. I looked like I'd been living under a bridge.

    I had a crush on Joan Lunden. *sigh*

  2. You are such a hottie! For real, mama! Wooohooo!

    My sister gave me her old Vermont license when I was about 20, and that thing got me a lot of cheap wine and microbrews in college. I could never believe that it worked - she is almost 7 years older than I am and the license was expired! Maybe it was my personal charm all along!


  3. Those pictures are so much better than mine. You look damn good.

  4. Frank: I'm a late bloomer. You're a sweetie.

    Bev: But the Vermont license was real, just "borrowed." Still, I'm going with personal charm. Or boobs.

    BW: Thank you! It is a weird paradox of life; I'm really not photogenic. Maybe the government uses strange camera lenses...

  5. Aren't personal charm and boobs the same thing?

  6. Mtnmama IS a hottie!!!! And go you! for looking better and better... and for staying so true to your favorite shade of lipstick!!!

    I love this post!!!!!!!! Can I steal your idea? I have a whole collection of licenses of the past.

    Oh and this reminds me of a story about this guy I once met who didn't have a license (or any other form of ID) BUT HAD HIS BIRTH DATE TATTOOED ON HIS FREAKIN' ARM!!!!! He got all pissed when cashiers didn't accept that as proper proof of age. Moron!

  7. Mala: I'd LOVE to see your collection!

    I've always thought it would be better to ask a series of enlightening questions. Quick! Who was president the year you were born?